Toyin Aimakhus career is finished – ex-boyfriend, Seun Egbegbe, declares

Following their bitter breakup that was riddled with tales of kidnap, an allegation which Seun denied, he has now declared the career of his ex-girlfriend, Toyin, over. He allegedly made the declaration on Wednesday, during an interview with Encomium magazine. 

The CEO of Ebony Films and Records Production International, popularly called “The Ijaya of Theatre” was quoted as saying:
 “I am saying this for the first time, it’s over between Toyin Aimakhu and I, and I mean it. And I am also using this medium to warn all movie producers to stay away from her. . . Anybody that deals with her, the person is on his or her own. And I will act appropriately. Toyin Aimakhu’s career is finished as far as Yoruba movie sector is concerned, unless she corrects the erroneous impression she has given the public about my person. . . How can a person l call my girl friend accuse me of kidnapping her? What does she want to gain from that? And she said her PA typed the message. If that’s true, where was she? And when she noticed it, why didn’t she withdraw it immediately before the whole thing went viral? . . So, I believe she has something hidden. I am repeating it, no producer must deal with her again. Any producer that doesn’t heed the warning will find him or herself to blame. It’s not a threat, it’s a promise.”….

Sokoto Govt sets aside N30million to wed 100 couples

The Sokoto State Government has set aside N30 million for the organization of the wedding of 100 couples in the area.
The  mass wedding is being coordinated by the State
Sunnah Mediation Council and would be conducted before the commencement
of Ramadan in June.

He said the council would pay the bride prices of all the female partners – N30,000 for spinsters and N20,000 for divorcees

“The brides will also be trained in some skills like knitting, sewing, pomade and detergents making, among others.
“The brides will also be assisted with working tools and capital,” Kofar-Rini, explained.

chairman of the Council further said that each couple would receive
N75,000 to enable it to settle down properly to marital life.

said all the intending couples would be verified by the ward, village
and district heads of their respective areas of residence before the
final approval of the council.

He recalled that the state
government spent N30 million in the organisation of the first phase of
mass wedding of 125 couples in Jan. 2014.

According to him, 15 of the 125 couples have since been divorced.

“The remaining 110 couples are still married and have produced 45 children, with the latest being twins, born on March 24.
council has set up a reconciliation committee, which routinely visits
the couples to help resolve all misunderstandings,” he said.

Read how this Nigerian Doctor became the youngest Doctor in England

Ola Orekunrin, now 30 years from Ilawe-Ekiti in
Ekiti State of Nigeria, was born, raised and trained in the UK, where
she graduated as one of the youngest medical doctors in England . She is
also a trainee helicopter pilot.

While she was studying to
become a doctor in the UK, her younger sister fell seriously ill while
traveling in Nigeria. The 12-year-old girl, who’d gone to the West
African country on holiday with relatives, needed urgent care, but the
nearest hospital couldn’t deal with her condition.

Orekunrin and
her family immediately began looking for an air ambulance service to
rapidly transport the girl, a sickle cell anemia sufferer, to a more
suitable healthcare facility. They searched all across West Africa but
were stunned to find out there were none in the whole region.

nearest one at the time was in South Africa,” remembers Orekunrin.
“They had a 12-hour activation time so by the time they were ready to
activate, my sister was dead”.
“It was really a devastating time for
me and I started thinking about whether I should be in England talking
about healthcare in Africa, or I should be in Africa dealing with
healthcare and trying to do something about it.”

Orekunrin did
the latter. Motivated by the tragic death of her sister, the young
doctor decided to leave behind a high-flying job in the UK to take to
the Nigerian skies and address the vital issue of urgent healthcare in
Africa’s most populous country.

Determined to make a difference
in medical practice and health care delivery system in Nigeria,
Orekunrin decided to set up Lagos-based Flying Doctors Nigeria, the
first air ambulance service in West Africa, transporting victims of
medical emergencies, including industrial workers from the country’s
booming oil and gas sector. It basically provides critical care
transportation solutions to both the private and public sector by
selling yearly air ambulance cover plans to states, companies and

Since then, she has successfully steered the company
upwards in achieving its corporate goals and ensuring sustained
growth.“Against all odds, I passed my A-Levels with flying colors,
started my degree at the University of York at 15. I supported myself
all through, working. I wrote my final medical examinations at 21, thus
emerging the youngest medical doctor in England,” said Ola Orekunrin.

HIV, Coprophilia & Dubai: Twitter Nigeria Shuts Down After Private Chat Between Runs Girl & Her Sponsor Is Revealed

Coprophilia has been trending for over 24 hours on Twitter now.

The trend is as a result of leaked direct messages between Instagram user @tumitlapu and a client who has HIV, but wants to have anal sex and engage in coprophilia.

Coprophilia is the abnormal interest and pleasure in faeces and defecation.

Nothing someone will not see on social media these days…the desperation of some of these young girls in just unbelievable!!! 

Nigerian Pastor bans Robbers, Prostitutes, Kidnappers from giving offerings, tithe

The General Overseer of The Lord”s Chosen Charismatic Revival
Movement, Pastor Lazarus Muoka, has again, barred armed robbers,
prostitutes, cult­ists, women on trousers and kid­nappers from giving
offerings, pledges and paying tithes in the church.

This is even as
the revival preacher urged Nigerians to turn to God in repentance for
divine intervention that would lead to the revival of economic and
political fortunes of the country.

Preaching to hundreds of
thou­sands of worshippers that con­verged on the headquarters of the
church at Ijesha, Lagos for the last lap of the two-day crusade, Muoka
harped that God is not interested in ill-gotten wealth and riches but
want everybody to worship him in truth and in spirit.

Hear him:
“If you are here and you are an armed robber, a kid­napper, cultist,
adulterer, among others and you don’t want to re­pent, please we urge
you not to give offering, tithe or pledge be­cause we are here to lead
people to Christ and not money.
“The God who called us is al­ways
with us and we know that God will supply all our needs including money
to finance the church. We urge you to repent from all evil and God will
forgive you and give you good business that conforms with the word of
“We may not know you but God knows you and will judge you if you go against his will.”

on the topic, God has power to do all things, Muoka said the Church
would not fail to fore-warn evildoers against giving ill-gotten wealth
to God who is the owner of all things.

He noted that the crusade,
which coincided with Easter cel­ebration, was designed to produce a
spiritual rebirth that would bring about restoration, salvation and Holy
Ghost baptism.

He furthered that “there shall be a fulfilment of
God’s good pur­poses in the life of participants through which they
shall experi­ence a total transformation as evi­dent that God can do all

The Imo state-born preacher stated that ”God inspired
the cru­sade to draw our attention to the fact that our success does not
lie on our ability but on what God can do, for God alone can do this or
that vis-à-vis our supplications.”

He noted that human problems
exist because “we do not recognize the fact that God has the ability to
turn-around our situation no mat­ter how bad it may seem to be. You
limit God by seeking other means but that is lack of knowledge. The
truth is that, God has the power to cause the barren to conceive, the
lame to walk, the blind to see and the captives to be freed.

Man “turns into a dog” during deliverance (video)

Man turns into a dog

A video uploaded by Joshua’s official YouTube channel Emmanuel TV, shows one Alexander Johnson acting in a weird fashion during a deliverance session at the Synagogue.
According to the video description, “The demon within this young Liberian man is shockingly exposed, the entirety of his features contorting to the resemblance, movement and eerie sounds of a wild dog.

After the prayer, the man who introduces himself as Alexander Johnson, a Liberian living in Ghana, explained that his problems began after he was sexually molested by a mad woman, aged 6. Thereafter, Johnson said his life was characterized by frustration and a serious ‘lust’ for women. .

Reacting to his bizarre behaviour during the prayer, Johnson said he had no memory of what occurred. ‘There is no way I could have done these things,’ he asserted, insisting it was the influence of an ‘evil spirit’ and adding that he was ‘completely free’ after the prayer.”

You can watch the video (HERE).

I asked God to make this my second and last marriage because I want to stay married – Mercy Aigbe opens up in new interview

Actress and fashion entrepreneur, Mercy Aigbe-Gentry, opens up on her career and misconceptions in this new interview with Punch.

See excerpts below:

What projects are you currently working on?
I have a yet-to-be released movie titled Victims for
the first time. I am also producing an English-speaking movie. I will
feature in the film even though I am famous for my roles in the Yoruba
movie genre.
Why did you decide to embark on the aforementioned project at this point in your career?
I am a professional actress and I can
choose to produce a French movie if all that is required of me is to
learn how to speak the language. I am not one to jump at any project
especially when I am not too sure about the intricacies. It took me four
years to begin producing Yoruba movies because I wanted to be grounded
in the industry. As a producer, I am also an investor and I would want
to recoup my investment as well as make profit. I will feature a number
of Yoruba actors and Nollywood stars in the film, which will be released
later in the year.
Why did you kick off your career in the Yoruba movie sector?
I didn’t choose to be in the Yoruba
movie sector. I started out in Nollywood and I featured in several soap
operas and movies. My career took a different direction when a Yoruba
film producer cast me in his movie titled Ara. The movie became
a hit and I soon began getting scripts from other Yoruba filmmakers and
I couldn’t turn them down because I had just launched my career. In no
time, I became a household name in the Yoruba film genre.
In between this time, I worked with Lancelot Oduwa-Imasuen in his movie titled The Other Side of the Coin.
You recently spoke about Yoruba movie practitioners being discriminated against. Why do you think this is so?
I really don’t know why and it has been
on for a very long time. However, we have started to get better
recognition unlike what obtained in the industry four years ago. The gap
is already being bridged and I think it is only a matter of time. I
think we Yoruba actors also need to let people know that we are also a
part of Nollywood and demand to be respected like our English
counterparts. Our works will speak for us at the end of the day. I think
it is about time we are respected, so the gap that currently exists can
be closed.
Do you think the Yoruba movie genre has better actors?
Our counterparts in the English genre
have always had fantastic stories and actors. I think Nollywood should
be one and devoid of any form of disparity or segregation. The term
Nollywood in my opinion means movies made in Nigeria irrespective of the
medium. I am also featuring in a Hausa movie which will be released
Why are actors in the Yoruba sector tagged illiterates?
This is one area where I have a problem
with people’s perception of Yoruba actors. Many people think we are
uneducated and can’t speak good English. I think people are not
informed, so whenever someone tells me they are not aware I speak proper
English, I simply laugh it off.
In the last few years, you
have attained new heights in your career. Some of your fans are of the
opinion that you no longer fit into the Yoruba genre.
Some people write to me and   request
that I should feature in more English movies because they believe that
only then will I gain more acceptance and recognition. My fans believe
I’m not being appreciated in my sector.
Will you eventually stop acting Yoruba movies?
I can never stop acting Yoruba movies
because that industry made me who I am today. As a matter of fact, a lot
of people don’t know I am from Edo State. When I began featuring in
Yoruba films, I wasn’t speaking the language flawlessly, so I had to
learn on the job. My industry is very accommodating and that is why I
would always be grateful to them for accepting me and giving me a
platform to excel. I also produced a movie titled Osas in order to connect with my  Benin roots.
What roles can’t you take up even if the price is right?
I can never act nude because it is against our culture and my beliefs.
How supportive is your husband of your career?
Whenever I am overwhelmed with my
business, career and family, he is always there to encourage me. He
always recommends that I keep pushing.
Is he comfortable with the romantic scenes you take part in?
Yes, he is and I actually kiss in my
movies. I was already an actress before I met my husband and he goes
through my scripts. Sometimes, he chastises for not kissing well in a
movie. I could be on set for a week or more and he does not make an
issue out of it. I know I married my friend and he is very
How have you being able to keep your home?
It hasn’t been easy and this is actually
my second marriage. Before I got married to my present husband, I asked
God to make this my second and last marriage because I want to stay
married. Our marriage is under scrutiny all the time and a lot of people
just want to find faults even when there are no faults. My previous
marriage taught me to be more patient, tolerant and prayerful.
What is the highpoint of your career?
That would be winning the African Magic Viewers Choice Award for Best Indigenous Movie. The film Komfo, won me the award in 2014.
You dressed like a winner at the last AMVCA. Were you disappointed that you didn’t get an award?
No, I wasn’t disappointed. I already
felt like a winner because my movie, Victims, got a nomination and that
is why I was dressed in a glamorous wear. The icing on the cake was the
fact that one of my mentees was the overall winner in that particular
category. I have always dreamt of a day when someone would clinch an
award and mention my name as his or her mentor.I have always dreamt of
impacting someone in the industry. When you get to a certain stage in
your career, it takes the special grace of God to mentor a junior
colleague. I feel that singular action is what makes you an icon.
Tell us more about your AMVCA outfit that sent social media into frenzy?
People haven’t stopped talking about my
dress. So many people aren’t even aware that a young, creative Nigerian
fashion designer made the outfit. We shopped for the fabric together,
agreed on the style and God made it a hit. I arrived at the award venue
with a team and a back-up dress even though we had settled on a dress.
The outfit earned me more followers and some people have even requested
that my designer make the exact dress for them as their second wedding

KFB Only God Could Have Done This! Every man that tried to marry me ended up dying mysteriously…

God changed my story.
I found out later in life that my parents had
dedicated me to marine spirits because of the problems they had then in
having children.
I was born. My parents had me.
But my own problem was that l was not to have an earthly husband.

I had had two men dying without my knowing l was the course.
different times. I had made plans to get married to each of them only
to see that the man would just die like that mysteriously at the peak of
our preparations.
The last one got me asking questions and l was told about my birth.
That time l had not really known Christ. I was looking for solution. Nothing worked!
During this time l met my husband.
He greatly loved me and l fell in love with him as if l had never fallen  in love with a man before.
I really wanted to marry him because of the love l had for him.
the fear of losing him came upon me heavily. Then, l thought it was
better to let him go rather than encourage him to the stage he would
It seemed that was the time the powers were waiting for to strike their deadly blow.
I was introduced to God Almighty through the Ministry of Daddy  E A Adeboye.
I took my case then to God,telling HIM l had heard many different cases HE,God had touched, setting captives freed.
I joined them in Divine Encounter, had Daddy prayed for me
And the spell was broken.
I married my husband . Together we have children. And going down memory lane now, l can say there is nothing God can not do.
Years have gone by and God is still faithful.
What would have become of me without Christ? A life sold to or borrowed  the Mermaid spirit without my knowledge?
God loves me so HE delivered me.
My family and l are now dedicated to the Lord. A change of power.
Praise the Lord


You can send in your testimonies too to [email protected]

Sunday daily devotion by Pastor E. A. Adeboye (Open Heavens 27 March 2016) – Sin against the Body

Memorise: Flee fornication. Every sin that a man doeth is without the body; but he that committeth fornication sinneth against his own body. – 1 Corinthians 6:18

Read: 1 Corinthians 6:15-20 (KJV)

15 Know ye not that your bodies are the members of Christ? shall I then take the members of Christ, and make them the members of an harlot? God forbid.

16 What? know ye not that he which is joined to an harlot is one body? for two, saith he, shall be one flesh.

17 But he that is joined unto the Lord is one spirit.

18 Flee fornication. Every sin that a man doeth is without the body; but he that committeth fornication sinneth against his own body.

19 What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?

20 For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s.

Bible in One Year: Judges 18-19, Proverbs 1:1-19


The scripture tells us that our bodies are the temple of the Almighty God. This is to let us know how important our body is to the Almighty God. He dwells in it. Can you imagine that divinity lives inside of you? As Christians, our bodies are the extension of Christ in this world. This is why we are being admonished not to conform to this world. The moment a person begins to sin against his body through fornication, that person is already doomed for destruction because you are taking the body of Christ and laying it with a harlot. All sins are against the Almighty God. Some sins are against those around us when we engage in certain acts, but the sin of fornication is destruction against one’s own body.

Your body is a tool entrusted into your hands by the Almighty God and everyone will give account of what they do with their body. You will be answerable to all the damages against your body because the body does not belong to you; it was only entrusted to your care by God. The moment a person gives his life to Christ, Jesus Christ becomes the owner and Lord of your life. Every part of your body becomes a tool in His hand. Your eyes, hands, legs, tongue, nose and every organ of your body becomes His. You can no longer sin with your body; you can no longer walk in the company of the ungodly. You can no longer taste alcohol, Indian hemp, smoke cigarettes, cocaine etc. Your hands become clean and for His glory alone. You are no longer the owner of your body. You are only the owner of something that you created. You did not create your body.

“And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.” – Genesis 2:7

Fornication is a very terrible sin because it is a total abuse of the temple of the Almighty God. Anyone that destroys the temple of the Almighty God will see the wrath of God! The consequence is always disastrous on the part of the person abusing the temple of God.

There are different kinds of teachers today who trivialise some things that God has a great disgust for. You cannot play with fire and not have your fingers burnt. Are you the leader of a group and you are abusing the bodies of those God has put in your care? Are you an executive in the fellowship and you are sleeping around with the sisters in the name of ‘brotherly love’? Are you single but becoming so impatient that you have started doing what exclusively reserved for married people? You are looking for the ‘consuming fire’ side of God and you can be sure you will not be able to withstand the consequences. I want you to make up your mind this moment that enough is enough on every unholy relationship and affair. If you don’t want your destiny to be truncated by sin, you must FLEE from every appearance of evil.

Prayer Point: Father, please help me to honour You daily with my body.

Open Heavens Daily Devotional guide was written by Pastor E.A. Adeboye, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, one of the largest evangelical church in the world and also the President of Christ the Redeemer’s Ministries.

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